Robbie Izar – ACD/Copywriter





"Robbie's a tremendous talent. He's a writer's writer, and goes about his job with craft and care. I've seen him
write manifestos that make entire rooms full of clients cry. I've seen him bring a week's worth of work to a
check-in we briefed him on yesterday. I've seen him manage productions like a seasoned pro. Robbie
would be an amazing hire for any creative department looking to beef up its roster."
luke behrends, creative director at anomaly

"Robbie Izar gets it. Which, to me, means you’re an idiot if you don’t give him a shot. But you can’t say that
on Linkedin. Because idiot just isn’t a word you use in polite networking. So suffice it to say, Robbie Izar
gets it. He's a very talented writer with a different way of looking at things. He is motivated, self-possessed, 
smart and he contributed significantly to the work being done here at the agency."

kevin teevens, creative director at hudson rouge

"There are just those quirky moments when you hit a wall and need that extra push to bring new light to a
brainstorming session. We were working on one of the biggest game launches for one of our clients and
Robbie, being the latest addition to Tribal DDB, hit the ground running. Though we worked long hours, 
Robbie was undeterred. He questioned and proposed new ways of looking at the ideas along with a
knack for presenting in a way that was easy to digest given the arduous journey. Robbie's contribution
to the project helped a successful launch and was a valuable asset to the team. Robbie is the guy
to have on your team."

steve yoon, design director at the athletic

"I can honestly say that Robbie is on the top of my short list of writers I would love to work with again. 
What impresses me the most about him, is his ability to stay level headed during the daily and hourly
pressures of a fast-paced work environment. Nothing can phase this guy. Robbie's ability to concept
high-level ideas at the drop of a hat and express them in a way most creatives can't, makes him an
invaluable team member and partner. I hope to work with him again in the near future and would
recommend him for any gig that crossed my table."

alicia christman, sr. ux designer at amazon business

"If you're reading this, please tell Robbie to lay off the bacon."
mom izar, robbie's mother

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robbie izar's spirit animal is the bear.*

*after filling its belly with delectable and savory treats, a bear is happiest in that exquisite moment right before it passes out on the couch.