Robbie Izar – ACD/Copywriter





Dick's Sporting Goods

What I loved most about my time at HUGE was leading a scrappy and resourceful team to create social content across all of the brand's platforms – from run and gun photoshoots in a Key Food's parking lot to using our entire team as "talent" because every project had a budget of zero. In less than three months, we created a lot of engagement for the brand, but most of all, we had a lot of fun doing it.


03_blackhawks copy.png

Working with designer Patrick Iandanza, we created #SquadColors, a campaign that highlighted the unique fabrics, stitch patterns and designs in sports jerseys.  We then quizzed the brand's followers to see if they could guess the jersey. Our campaign was so successful and loved by our clients, they eventually took the concept in-house...along with the rest of the account. Oops! Sorry HUGE! 


Social Content


Gifs on gifs on JIFS?

Nah, they'll always be pronounced GIFS! Here's a sample of work I created with senior visual designer Jackie Mucilli.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

We shot this laydown in four separate segments because as it turns out, HUGE's studio is actually tiny.

The Mark of Manning

This was our homage to the mark that gets left on Peyton Manning's forehead because he wears a toddler-sized football helmet. 


Wut r those!? 

Before the kids were Damning Daniel, they were putting each other's shoes on blast through the social phenomenon, What Are Those!?

Promo video for DSG's mobile app