Robbie Izar – ACD/Copywriter
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This is the brand your mother warned you about. But if you always listened to your momma, you'd still be playing the French horn in marching band instead of killin' it on the LAX pitch or delivering mind-numbing hits on the ice.* 
*I don't really talk like that, but you know how it is - you do it for the kids.


WARRIOR SPORTS: Hockey and Lacrosse

Warrior Whistle
Summer Teeth. Warrior style.

Eraser Pro
FACT: A concerned parent called Warrior headquarters and complained that this print ad had undone 15 years of parenting. I realize now, that I was too cavalier. Midriffs can tear families asunder.

All Hail
Loved by many. Hated by more. Envied by all.

Zamboni Crack Placement
The "Zamboni Crack" is a wide gap in the boards on an ice rink. For some reason, hockey players frequently get the blades of their sticks caught in the crack which leads to the blade shattering and splintering from the rest of the stick.


Under a very tight six week deadline, we put together an award winning website for Warrior. Some of it is even written in French! Glorious n'est ce pas!? Oui Oui!

This Warrior website was awarded Best Digital Website at The D Show in Detroit, Mi.