Robbie Izar – ACD/Copywriter
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When Google launched their beta program for Google Glass, they took to Twitter to find 8,000 people worthy of being the first brand ambassadors for their new technology. This is why Google picked me...

I was 20 years old, when my Dad passed away unexpectedly. To say it was a life-changing event would be mere understatement. Since then, I've always dreamed of filming a documentary to share my perspective on the grieving process.

For the most part, grief and bereavement are subjects that are ignored in our school systems. And from my experience, this creates young adults who are less capable of dealing with the aftermath of losing someone they loved or supporting their friends who have lost someone. 

That's why I think Google Glass will be so important to my documentary's success. With Glass, I will be able to add an unmatched level of intimacy to the interviews I'm planning to film. 

After losing my Dad, I discovered the unique experience of feeling completely alone, even though I was still surrounded by the rest of my family who struggled to help me out of my depression. I discovered what it felt like to not be an active participant in your own life – simply being, letting life happen to you. 

But most importantly, I discovered the true meaning of resiliency. 

My vision of success for this documentary is that it will help people find the power within themselves to get back to life – to find the courage to step back into a world that crumbled around them. And ultimately, discover happiness again. 

"To share powerful stories of people struggling to stay connected to the world after losing loved ones." 

That's my Google Glass Project in 102 characters.